The Following Are Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

1How Much Does It Cost To Rent A WC?
Please reach out to us via the contact form for pricing on the individual units. There are several factors that determine the cost for a WC. Examples include guest count, event location, duration of event, water and power source availability, etc. For the most accurate quote, please give us as much detail as possible on the contact form.
2What Is Included In The Rental?
The WCs arrive stocked with toilet paper, linen-like hand towels, high quality soaps, and a reed diffuser. Upgrades are available, just ask!
3Do I Need A Power Hook-up?
Depending on the size restroom your event requires, you will need between 1-3 20AMP circuits to run the air conditioning and electrical components of the units.
4Do I Need A Water Hook-up?
Water is an important factor for a portable restroom to function properly. As a general rule of thumb, each WC needs a water source. This could be an existing water hose (within 100') or, if no water is available on property, then there is an option for us to bring in an external water container. The charge for this varies depending on the WC size. Please inquire for an accurate estimate.
5How Do I Know If My Venue Is Suitable For A WC?
There are many things to consider when measuring for a WC at your location.
The trailered units measure 8'6" wide by 12' high, and the length will vary depending on what unit works for your event. When the trailers are in place, they require a 16' wide clearance which allows for 12' for the trailer with the stairs pulled out plus an additional 4' for guest to access the stairs. The location you choose for the WC should be level with an overhead clearance of 12'. It is helpful to see photos of the location if you are unsure. A location and photos will also help us determine if we need to conduct a site visit with you.
6How Is The Maximum Capacity Determined For Each WC?
Each WC has a max capacity based on the number of stalls and the holding tank size. Depending on what type of event (wedding, conference, brunch, product launch) you are having we can assist you in determining the best size for you event.
7What are the dimensions of the window flower box?
The window box measures 60" L x 6.5" H x 8.5" D.
8Are flowers included in the flower window box?
Fresh flowers are not included in the price of the rental. And while we are not florists, we do offer a silk hydrangea alternative. Please inquire.
9On what side of the trailer are the guest doors?
Currently all of our WC's have guest doors on the passenger side of the trailer. This is helpful information when considering a location for the WC and how it would get trailered into its final location.
10Do You Travel Outside Of The SF Bay Area?
We do travel outside the Bay Area when availability allows. Please inquire about a personalized estimate.
11Are Restroom Attendants Available?
Yes, Restroom attendants are available on a first come first serve basis for an additional charge.
12Are The WCs ADA Compliant?
Currently we do not have any ADA complaint restrooms, but we are working on a couple of options so stayed tuned.